Is United Artists Still Making Movies?

United Artists had been one of the big movie making industry ever since. The film industry that had brought block buster films like the James Bond movies, The Rocky Balboa Saga, The Man with an Iron Mask and the famous Charlie Chaplain Movies. Who would have missed these legendary movies? But the question is, are they still making movies?

The UA origins

The United Artists was founded by Mary Pickford, D.W. Griffin, and Douglas Fairbanks and of course Charlie Chaplain. It began in February 5, 1959 where they joined forces to create the movie production company.

In 1939, the company had been successful in many films in which ten of them were nominated for best picture. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences nominated them and it became the big year for the company.

Chaplain’s Controversy

During 1940’s Charlie Chaplain created a film called The Great Dictator. Despite of Chaplain’s desire to satirise Hitler, oppose fascism and promote world peace, he was not free from criticism. The parallelism between him and Hitler such as their rise from poverty to fame and the toothbrush moustache are those that are greatly noted.

With the decline of Chaplain’s popularity and the series of controversies Chaplain had, he was forced to leave United States and went to Switzerland. Thus UA loosed one of its pioneers.

The Worst Film Ever

However, it was not Chaplain’s absence that brought the film making company down. The film Heaven’s Gate, the movie created by the company who became a total flop. The film had a 44 million dollar budget but it only gained 3.5 million dollars in the box office.

The reason for this is that the movie was too long, running for more than 5 hours. When they tried to reduce it to 3 hours, the movie became senseless. Unfortunately, the movie didn’t get that much acceptance in the public and became a total flop.

After that UA fell into a terrible loss as it was unable to recover from the massive expenses in their Heaven’s Gate movie. This led UA to destroy its reputation, resignation of its former head and more. Luckily MGM came to the rescue and merged with the company.

Still They Movies

But despite the tragedy, they are still making movies up to this day. It just celebrated its 100 year of existence last year. They are still making popular movies and we expect to have more in the next few years.

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